Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mid Valley

went to mid valley jz now for a short while..
had lunch n went off =.=but i did a lot of camwhore tho.
wanna c??
XD u must XD

they had this new fastfood-restaurant
i pronounced it as 'pop-eyes'
n everyone laughed =x

strawberry cheesecake.(very cheapskate one )XD

lazy to rotate =x

what we ordered.

my plate XD
then camwhore (cam war XD)

remember?the new blouse i bought yesterday XD

starting to get bored n making faces?

can you believe this?
its 7 o'clock in d evening n my mum,my sis is asleep already.
my house is soooo quiet ..
n i don noe what to do

this is me. in front of d comp now =))

end? =) (more like a photo post XD)what to do .nothing to write

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