Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whole day with Mama..=)

i had tuition this morning ..
i have to go out at 8.45 cuz my fren is sending me.
i woke up today 8.43 OMG

i have 2 minutes to prepare?
so rushed to bathe.
went downstairs..mum called me to eat breakfast. den BEEP(car horn)
mum was like. huh? so fast ?
i had to go anyway.. she wanted to dapau for me. to eat in tuition. but.. can't lar. ban mee u noe.
i think i'll kena halau if i eat in class. xD's topic.
whole day with mama. =)
nowadays ..TEENAGERS like me=DD
its hard to stay with ur mum for even ten minutes..u know.. when she comes into ur room n wants to talk to u .

u'll be like.. ahuh.. ahuh.. ya.. good night =)

i don't know about u.. but i'm like that =D
but these few days i spent more time with my mummy=)
today .. i was with my mum for d whole day~so geng XD

so i was saying.. i din have my breakfast..
i finish tuition like about 12.30
n mum had an appointment for massaging. at 2. in ampang
so i had to go back home n change. den straight away go there.. it was a saturday afternoon.. soooo many cars everywher.. traffic jam lor.
dropped by at connaught mcdonalds. drive thru

my lunch lar ALL XD

so we reached ampang..
went into a banglow..
so big =DD
ada swimming pool summore.
so i was saying.. my mum had an appointment.. massaging..
so far....u're gonna think its those.. gurls massaging 35 $ per hour or sumthin.
but its NOT
its a type of.. erm.. can consider as massaging..cuz its also relieving ur muscles..letting ur blood flow thingi
but.. the different thing is..
the method used - BEATING
Yup. i said beating. beating with a bunch Cane-made-hitting-sticks (like joss stick)=D
n then after the treatment u'll bruise everywher
n the cost.
80$ per hour
but my mum feels relieved after treatment lar.
she did it once in kuching. introduced by my auntXD
that guy came to kl .
so .. go for treatment again
4-hour treatment
n yes.. i had to wait for 4 hours.. T.T

see=DD i wish i had one at home =D

after that.. we headed to leisure for dinner =)

we had dragon-i

xiu long bao - tastiest food in d whole wide world =DD

pork chop rice

beef ramen

fried eel =)

at last.. cannot finish XD
after eating.. went for a little walk.

bought this cute blouse. =D
i was so happy that i bought it..
so excited until ..
we were ready to go .. so i paid the parking ticket..
was so happy getting the change n receipt..
i went into the lift n start going to our car..
when we were ready to go out..
only we realized..NO TICKET
OMg!!i'm so dead. i forgot to get the ticket after paying!!
i rushed back n see...
somebody took it already
haihz.. umm
so we had to talk to the guards..
made my mum negotiate with the guard..
luckily we din have to pay that amount lar.
that guy say give us new entry ticket.. we pay 3.00 more
den ok lor.
haih.. SORRY mummy..T.T
felt so guilty

actually i wanna show u (my eyes match my blouse!)(purple also XD)

especially those with wings.
they fly everywher. urghh...
u know the rain insects?
the ones that flies to ur house lights when its goin to rain?
n they like to fly around..
so when i was bathing.. i saw one.. flying above me.. like a mad one.. flying in circles..
i noticed something.. - that is.. they'll die as soon as they get in contact with water.
SO, i was splashing water all over the toilet with my shower.
i was trying to kill it.. by making everything wet.. at least.. i was trying to make everything wet XD

n this is wat happend to my toilet roll XD

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