Saturday, August 15, 2009

caught at home. =.=

we have a few days holidays.. thanks to the disease h1n1.. n we're kinda like quarantined at home?
no lar.. jz stay at home.. den got holiday also nothing to be happy about.. nothing to do at home.. hmm..
i have nothing to do .. really.. everyday .. super boring.. not much to write actually =D jz don wanna let my blog rust ? XD

my pond(i told u i had nothing to do )

my leng zai daddy~
den He smsed me.. asked me what i was doing.
i said. yam cha.
he said. yam cha?wher?with who?
outside my house. with my dad XD

my definition of 'yam cha'

as i was saying.. i had nothing to i was standing at the gate. looking outside.. with my hands on the grills..n i felt like i squashed something.. YUCKS..see anything?

nope? i zoom~~~

cannot see?? i zoom again.. (daddy say its insects eggsT.T)
(psst* see the empty portion?i squashed thoseXD)

as i was saying.. i had nothing to do.. i really had nothing to do .. XD

fish in my pond.

den i saw this one d floor..

don noe wat ler.. i noe d lar.. zoom~~~XDstupid bee
so it was very boring this few days. hmm =x

after dancing.
i was so bored that i had to uglify my faceXD


ouh.. my aunt n uncle came.. so .. we had. dinner.. near my house..

was so bored i keep on eating =x


on d way .

ouh.. this is wat i thought of while i was bored. =x


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