Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sing K

that night i went to cheras selatan greenbox for karaokae with ying n her bro =)

they were having this dinner buffet. we had our dinner there. quite a lot of food. =) but not very nice lar .

the only can-consider-nice picture we took . XD

snacks n desserts

have u seen something so wat tat before ? XD

this thingi is called lotus.

have never seen this before until my dad brought it back

my maid tore it apart and ate some.
she say can eat . very sweet
me n mum were kinda terrified XD

haha . i took a lot of pictures. cuz i never seen something like that before.
it looks like worms coming out from something.
=DD i noe i'm sampat XD

my cousin came . n look what we've done. 4 cakes ?=DD

this is my sister.
showing her new hairstyle
she always cuts her hair.
i always say
u don have hair already still wanna cut
she always cuts n complaints about her never-growing-hair
of course lor~
now she wanna get her hair rebond.

haha. watch this video~

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  1. weee xD girls is like that xD like to wear new clothes xD hahaha! =D