Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oops.. school CLOSED??

well... this whole week's news is all about H1n1...
people say that one of the students in 5K(next to my class)got the H1n1 flu..
but they still change our class.. 5k campur 5J!!omg.. we're so close to each other.. n now.. i'm studying with half of their classmates~!

but.. the main thing is.. school is closed from 12/8 - 17/8(the school has this stupid lousy banner hanging on d front gate)
but.. the thing is.. they did not inform us d day before..
they informed us through sms..
a school.. with thousands of ppl..i don believe that sms can inform everybody in this school.. hmm.. fell sorry those who wake up so early n prepared so hard.. went to school n saw this stupid banner n had to go back home..

so.. during this infected week..=) two days lar in school (since they close on wednesday)
mummy bought masks for me to wear to school.
n i did this to my mask..


stickers! can't see?



not much to write this week..
nothing interesting happend?
still... i took something from d internet =) (don't wanna end this post so fast mar )XD

this is wat u get when u sleep around
her name is.. Debra
i guess it's better than Zonkey?

n i got this funny video..
its about a guy .. sneezing during heart surgery XD

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