Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another baking day

it was another baking day for us.. noobies XD
ying came to my house for the purpose of baking something.. for her bf =D
we baked rock cake,chocalate cake & cheese cake =)
din really take a lot of pictures this time..cuz its very mafan .
so we needed to apply this piece of paper with oil on to a roundish thingi..
but we did not have any brush to apply it with.. so.....


we were doing three at one time...
din wanna waste any time..
but.. kelam kabut. ..
cuz when we were focusing on this cake.. we forgot about the others..
so.. turned out the results not very good XD


rock cake =DD
the best of what we made

.....(i know what you're thinking)

even d floor also...=.=

what a mess XD

n she still thinks that she's greatXD

so i follow lor XD

the cheese cake XD


a chinese version of michael jackson's BEAT IT XD



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