Friday, August 28, 2009


how long have i not been up here?
omg . i think.. like.. a week ?

super outdated i see?
well.. i have become s super lazy person . don even feel like on9-ing.
have not been updating anything.. n i have 40 comments to reply in friendster. =x ish
so lazy~~

well.. have not been goin anywher lar during holidays. not been studying also XD

well. we went to pavilion for a movie that most of d ppl have seen. XD
only few ppl in d cinema

went to this daily kopitiam for breakfast. oh god. i tell u .
the food.. sucks.

what we had.

lunch set. freee barley.

food really not nice =x
headed to night market after that . =)


then i saw this coffee shop. its..closed? i thought it never closes? =x sampat la

my maid. baked these..sick-looking biscuits.
she use to bake it really.. nice.
but suddenly. this came out =x
breakfast for today.
this is a funny letter i got through email.
please read. click to enlarge?

youth nowadays. hmm =x

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