Saturday, September 12, 2015


I was arranging my photos and I realized I have not posted anything since last August.
And I found a lot of photos that should be posted out to refresh myself and also to keep a copy here in my blog just in case anything happens to my photos, and I can also have like a memory lane here in my own blog. 

Its been a while since I last posted, so I greatly doubt my own language and ability to express myself since I do not need to write or type so much since I started working. I usually just talk a lot. haha

 So if you noticed my previous posts I did mention about going to random short trips like port dickson, and port dickson, and also port dickson. Okay we usually just go to port dickson. Oh! and also to have lunch in Empayar Seremban Siew Pau. hahhaa thats just our old routine.
 So here's some picture of port dickson.

 Then we started to play this game

 And here's a random photo of kingkingtan, I'm not sure whether he's overseas during that time, I think probably so. 
 and the smileys representing different people, as shown below:

 And if you're wondering why khoo is wearing an animal ears working, it is because we were preparing for our Half-yearly Cluster Performance night that weekend. We just bought the costumes and had them try on.
 Here's another example: Eric wearing a t-shirt over his shirt. IT WAS AFTER WORKING HOURS OKAY, we're not THAT crazy.
 Look who came for a visit! :D 
 And then it was HCP if you're wondering whether it was that cold for me to wear the sweater I bought from my Uni in Manchester. EH TOTALLY DIFFERENT MATERIAL FROM THE HOODIES SOLD HERE. SUPER THICK AND HOT. Regretted a bit la. 

 Training or playing? 

 And it was dinner time! Our theme was Safari so we bought uniform t-shirts for everyone. Safari enough eh?

 And so the Banca Team. kononnye. hahaha The project failed and we were just converted to normal wealth PFCs.

 *Drum Rolls* and once again! Cheras, TOP BRANCH CHAMPION!!! 
Okay enough with work lets get crazy~! We already drank in this photo things will progress very fast okay XD 
 Here's the birthday boy with his imaginary cake and imaginary friends and imaginary party and presents. 
 With this costume we were nominated one of the 2 groups of best dressed! 
We got number 2nd though. hahah 

 Same pattern! Different Material
 Toilet Selfie
 Lift Selfie
 And Jie came back from Scotland!!! 
 These are the things I do during work. 

And it was time to farewell Mr FatLanSai. 
 Random photo again of him I really think he was in UK at that moment.
 Kamen Rider lantern to celebrate on behalf of him! 

 These are some selfies I just want to post. 
 Of course not forgetting to keep a constant hang out session with ma lao gong!! 
 Moments of happiness working in a branch! We get to play with babies, stranger babies. 
 and we also had time to create 村姑s. XD 

 Just for fun~ don't kill me if you're reading this. 

 I'm starting to wonder what do we actually do during work? Do we work? 


 Secretly dyed hair! shhh 
 and a gift! 

 Partay time together! Look at how young we look then! hahah 

 And this guy knows the way to my heart :D 

 and the ugly portion of the making 
We went to Genting to look at Hong Kong movie Stars!!
I forgot what was the occasion 

and hey how small is this world? Only then I found out we're working in the same company! 

Our annual dinner! It was quite weird to know that their HCP is much grand-er than their annual dinner. I guess this is the reality. HCP serves sales qualifier, thus all the hassle. Annual dinner means nothing here. haha 

Deng deng!!!!!! Wuhoooooooo this came to the office one day!

Even buy phone also need together okay.
Sister got married too within this year!

And... KO! it was her bachelorette party 

Nails for the wedding!!! Nice right. haha

Bye bye jie jie! You've grown big! You're a wife now!

Wedding night!! 

Here's some videos for you to watch. 
I was singing for my sister! 


My birthday present! First babyG

Flying on my birthday to Kuching! So many weddingsssss

Christmas at work! 

And here's our super cool guard that said he will come back after 3 months but did not. hahah I guess he's better off at home! He was a hardworking guard.

Byebye my sifu too 

Look at the pretty tang yuans I MADE. Took me an hour to finish. 

and the ugly ones. kingking did this one lo! not me
Aiya so many birthdays meh hahaha XD

my nose be like gone

Yay time to change new specs! 


Matching outfit colors!

and even shoes brand!

You think I got thing no thing will wear like this? hahah Of course to prepare for HCP AGAIN

Wait I think they had another name for it......

Forget it, cannot recall.

We were so shameless we kept looking for the photographer cuz we KNEW we were gonna be nominated best dressed again.

This time because we were so prepared(不懂那来的自信)
We even practiced a dance routine before we went up on stage so that we can win this time! 


Top Branch Top Branch muahahahah 

Still have to gather once in a while! 

Ehehe . why your girlfriend sit until like that one?

We went to a trip to johor! 

wait lemme pull my pants my fat meat come out liao 




I realize I like to post ugly photos here one lo

pretty ones too eh?

weee panda panda

went to the new ioi city mall @ putrajaya and 巧遇 ken! 

Heres random stupid things our family do.

Nails I went to jerantut to do

and we bought iPads! Bought one for my mom cuz I don't want everyone in the house to have one except her.

playing with her new iPad! 


ya definitely one of the ugly photos 

same outfit with le cousie

why are my parents so cute 

eheh matching colors!

and we went to visit shiwei! and teryanbaby hah 

why you so tall one


我和我女儿! 她好孝顺!孺子可教也!

See she's just so cute 
and the amazing thing is she loves shin chan just like I do!!! 


eheh penang pulak 

malacca pulak 

Dessert to calm our tits. hahahah why I like that one

batman mama

oh we are so prepared to go out of the country! haha

yay he brought me to play

ice cream ice cream

and we started a swimming routine every week. super health kay! 

sekinchan sekinchan

shi wei and teryanbaby again! to watch football this time

would you like a cuppa tea?


grandparents came to play! 

my face when I have food

girls day out again

once a year

ok twice. 

malacca trip!!! 

random picnic 

celebrating our fifth anniversary!

new sunnies

I made my first step!!!! 

Okay gonna owe money for the rest of my life

brought mummy to have a cuppa tea

and seafood using just hands to eat!!

my wallpaper. my loves

swimming day

dessert while mummy was gone to UK for a month! 

waiting for mama to come back !

Our shirts contains yellow! 

tired after the day 

Here's to end my post here. Just preparing for the next posts! *gonna be an exciting one!