Sunday, August 9, 2009

my weekends

it was a saturday n the 'trying-so-hard-to-expose-us-to-outsiders-teachers' forced us to go to school.. there was a chemistry bengkel.. hmm.. said she'll give us sijil n will not calarkan our testimonial?
XD so i'm forced to go.
it was so damn boooooooring~~~

chemistry-ers doing something in front

we got fried mee n chicken rice for free food though =DD
went to the mines with hui ling in d evening.. frens said that wilber pan is going to be there..
den.. go n find him also XD



so we went there and whoah~~~

sooooo many people~~

we can't even stop to c.. the guards were clearing d path for ppl to walk

see .. soo many ppl seeing him from above..
n when i was walking.. i saw these 2 funny old couples..

they have the same hair colour.. with ROnald Mcdonald~~!!!XD

i stop by n took this when i had a chance.. then at d end of the video got ppl scold ady =p
saw him in a real close distance.. =D lengzai lar

then hui ling n me went to find him.. =D
then some na pek came n ask him something...
den he was trying to act like how the napek walkedXD

here are some of my stupid photos XD

went to tuition today...
it was a quiet morning..

its getting worseT.t

at first no ppl.. i thought no tuition =.=

see.. kosong.. after that only .. ppl start coming.. everybody was late today ? =.=

had Mcdonald for lunch..whoa~so much.. my face T.Tits gonna rott

afternoon i went to jusco with my parents..
grocery shopping..hahah..never without me~!
bought this ~!(i know i'm a kid =.=)
have u guys watched this comercial on tv?
"i want something sweet,full of surprises n fun to play with~!"XD
inside lidat one XD


sudah dimakan~

finished~!XDreally nice
go buy la ppl~=D

what's this? ada mystery lagi=D

yii?? apa ini?/XD

see.. got toy summore~~GO BUY!!!!XD

my dad use 'tit da zao' 铁打酒help me zut T.Tpain

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