Thursday, August 20, 2009

An update!

hi everyone..
Just going to do an update.. jz preventing my self to be.. outdated?
seriously.. i have nothing to do these few days.. din go anywher.. din had any interesting things to do nor write.
hmm... i know my blog is getting boring.. n.. short =x
but i can't do anything to help it.
the disease is getting serious. (everyone knows that , )
i'm restricted from goin out, so basically :at home = nothing interesting .

half of my school students are not going to school after reopening of d school.
almost 80% of my friends are having holidays of themselves. by not going to school, n that makes me .. u know.
a school with no one going..would u wanna go ?
kinda feel sorry for the teachers . they have to go to school even they only have one student!
hmmm. so i'm here in my pyjamas.. trying to figure out something to write.

its 10 in d morning . n 34 of my friends are online in msn .
its obvious nobody is going to school ?
well...trials are next week?
so.. hmm. can't really relax at home.

these few days' weather is not so good. see the wind blow!

the kinda transparent spider i saw XD

the weather before pasar malam time T.T
i'm not allowed to go . bcuz of h1n1. =x

the gurl thinks she's great cuz she bought a lot of new pens. =x

anyway.. something funny to share..jz to end the post. =D lmao

gawd! my throat is itching..symptoms? yaickz!

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