Friday, July 31, 2009

Mummy's birthday~!

it was.. MUMMY's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
we went to the ship for dinner..
at first.. my mum gets to choose her present!! (my dad giving her lar )
we went to sg wang to choose her lipstick..
then this stupid sg wang metrojaya.. so laupeh..+ those salesgurls all no manners.. don noe how to sell things..
den my daddy say all the 'saleswoman' also fat one.. not fat den ugly one not ugly den old one.. how ppl wanna be interested to buy ? XD
den we went to.. parkson..
place also much better.
salesperson also much much better.. (prettier and younger n thinnerXD)
much more polite..
den one salesgurls thinks we're from singapore..
bcuz our chinese is so....cha.XD
we spoke chinese like .. bananasXD
dad told her we're from kl.. den she still don believe us =.='

me on dat day

on d way

cute little things..

it is cosmetics actually.. don noe wat it is.. mayb lipgloss?

parkson's fitting room

then off to THE SHIP~!!!!
they were having this food promotion..

'ocean fusion food promotion' (it rhymes!)XD

my favourite - ESCARGOTS!

watermelon juice

mine was.. lamb ribs with peppermint sauce.. hmm hmmm~~

cuz its mummy's birthday~
sis went to the secret recipe next door to buy cake.
that day was a lot of people's birthday~
the ship. they help people to sing b'day songs. XD
so.. we heard 3 times b'day songs XD
including mom's b'day song

mummy's cake

see they so happy. (stupid phone)

upstairs .. had a pub..
managed by d same company..
so daddy had the captain bringing us up..
that day we din have to pay cover charge..

the PA system?XD the place wher d DJs were

the bar

the ppl singing

then cuz sis had a gathering of frens..
at leisuremall..
so we headed to leisure mall.. gave sis an hour..
we went to have some desserts=)

the place u'll never wanna go .

the food there..


mine -lee nyok's - ying's


wear his clothes...(so long~)

dancing class~!(same clothes!!)XD

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