Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes.. like my title.. i have a new maid now. .

and yes.. this is d biodata of my new maid. click to see=)
This new maid arrived yesterday.. well.. she's cambodian..
so as usual..she doesn't speak good english. she don't really speak english.. okay. she doesn't understand a word we're saying .
haihz. normal lor. every time a new maid comes. our house will become like a zoo..=making weird noises n making body language all the way
its really hard when u can't communicate.
but eventually. they will improve n it will be fine =)
(hope i'll get through with this )
its really so hard to talk to her!!

first time i see it burns like this XD(sampat)


i was trying to get a photo of my maid when she first arrived.
dad saw me n ask wat i was doing.
i said i was taking pictures.
then he made me take this =x
he says very seldom got flower. XD
i was trying to teach d maid how to sweep d floor.
i meant.
1.on the light
2. sweep
i don think she on d light.
cuz before she swept, my room looked clean (d floor)
but after she swept, a few lizard shits were at d centre of my room =.='
it was so full during tuition =x ish .

Mummy cooked this. (she almost never cooks)
she say this was supposed to be siew gai.烧鸡
but the maid chopped until it became 鸡碎?XD

our dinner (gonna mou dam hou saek this few weeks ) =(

everytime we have our meal . my sister would have fresh made orange juice.
so. my sister ask the maid to make one for her. n guess what .
hello? fill the cup ?
i laughed till my stomach ached. XD

see my DBKL?
*the black fish under the pond?

i took this with flash n the fish swam away T.T
DBKL is a type of fish that stick to the bottom of the pond n eats algae ? i guess? helps to clean the pond too XD=)
i have 2 DBKLs
*ps*it is called DBKL because. dbkl is .. u noe.. clean rubbish? XD
clean places?xXD
today afternoon i came back n i found out that my front door was locked.
not normally locked. but locked like before we go to sleep..every single lock was activated XD
made me stand there n open my door for 5 minutes.
only i get to go into my house =.=
then .
it was lunch time.
i had to make lunch . but jz by warming up yesterday's food
sadly. i don noe how ! XD
simply steamed pork +refry fish n urmm..i was trying to fry rice.
i see people fry rice with eggs.
so i fry rice ..then add eggs.
but it ended up wet =((
i only fried a little . experiment =x
so this is it. watery fried wateva rice. OMg. i so have to learn how to cook!
hey . i din make my maid eat this ok . i eat this all alone. she steam white rice n eat like a normal person . LOL
the lights in my toilet are going crazy. something's wrong with it . its flashing all the way . i had my bath and it felt like thunderstorm inside . get it ? flashing lights + water falling down .lol
i hope she learns real fast ,
if not life would be miserable ! =(

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