Sunday, September 13, 2009

HE's BACK!!!!!!! =DD

if you wondering who's back ... well.. i'll tell you..

of course lar. thats the purpose

this is the one i'm talking about =D my brother

he went to overseas a year ago to continue his studies. he went to australia. n now he's back!!!!=DD



eye mask XD

i found this guy on d floor. took a picture of him. felt sorry for him XD

see?his body . half squashed. =x

he's half alive half dead.

at last i saw my sister ruining his body by tearing them apart with her foot XD

his last pictures. any last words?


n this is a mini bee hive out side my window.

it always comes back to the same piece of window. the same spot.


a view from inside. XD

i found this in d newspaper.i find it really amazing.

the backbone is made ouf of slices of oranges.

see? so geng XD


went to mid valley

mum wanted to go for pedicure.

i wanted some nail art for myself.

A cut Above

wan to show u my nail art XD

nice? okay. i noe my toes suck.

30 dollar-toe nails.

what i wore.


mum had her toe nails done too

when we were about to leave. i found out this cute way of cutting little kid's hair.

XD how cute. sitting on a toy machine.

hari raya ma XD

black eyed peas?

she was so full she cannot finish her yam yam .

first time see her eat yam yam eat until so sad. XD

shocked? XD

so we went to the airport about 8 oclock. arrived about 9.

me n mummy

while waiting

waites so long for him to turn up.. see him?

no? how about this one?

still no? how about this one? =.= he's d only one in d picture .

circled it anyway.

in case u can't see XD

headed straight to fai wong XDsupper.
his humungous cert.

went to tian hou gong today . its the temple we were going since i was a child. a lot of memories? lol.

headed to mid valley after that . had lunch there =p

went for Dragon-i AGAIN XD


seafood mee.

the one you cannot miss - xiu long bao !

szechuan ramen. sour spicy . din really like this.

dao sah woh beng XD


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