Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sungei wang with the gurls~

we went to sungai wang yesterday =)
ming feng send us there. n fetched us back. so good =x thanks
once we reached times square.. we headed for food =D
ying n sien were so hungry

then i saw this .. same with my bracelet XD
but lighter . XD = cheap *

pics started already =)





me n sien



couple =x

*i don wanna boyfren~* XD

we were trying to act like we're licking the table.


sien with her food.

longan milk.

gurls`sg wang

ying had the coupon for free half n hour singing in d tube ~

then we went to walk for awhile..
then tying saw this shop selling very cheap shoes..
then she spotted one shoes..with a big shining stone on top of it.
she wanted that pair.
then that mannersless salesgurl took out a new pair of that shoes.
then it was weird..cuz the shiny stone was missing!
'I stick for u later har' salesgurl said.
we were like ..huh!!!!????
stick for me later?
omg, she still asks us if we had lighter for her to burn n melt the glue so she can stick it on.
OH MY GAWD~~!!!!!
what is that ?
weirdo~ but ying liked the shoes.
so.. mou bin lor.
really sweated lar.
so stupid also got.
haihz. she was so free all the time still eating there.. also don wanna stick those stones up ?
don buy la next time .

she still wans ying to help her hold the shoe while she sticks
really bulllsh*t la

then i saw this broken door.. took it dow for no reason. XD

after whole day of walking. ..
legs dying*
shoes killing*
ming feng came n we headed home =)
then we played the bubble balloon thingi =)

mine's the biggest~~~ wahah
got home n got scolded.
always like that .
i can't even be late for a minute! *haihz*

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