Friday, September 18, 2009


ouh. now we have a new modem, we can online at the same time , =)
me, my bro n my sis were online-ing at the same time, n we chat through msn =x
click to view. Kai's my bro,one house 3 ppl communicate with each other through msn . this is what technology did to us is my sis =D

this is the latest picture of my brother. fei lou XD

a cute thing he brought back

On thursday, we had our Biology paper 3. after the paper, everybody was gone-back to their home? (just leaving the school for good.) i n ying ying was left behind. we had to go to foyer to listen to the talk of some merdeka thingi.

we played bingo on the teacher's chair =.=

empty canteen

only these indian boys

kuae tiau + bee hoon with sambal =.=

this guy ate four plates XD

that day after tuition. ying,me,lapzhen,aaron went yam cha . it was raining heavily. we went to mamak. =.=

i didn't know how to order. i don go to mamak stalls. my mum also don allow us to go..she says its dirty.

cute small fan i found out XD(very big wind la )

mamak kaki

then we rushed back to the tuition centre. we wanted to have phoon gei
but this is what happend.

=.=' all of us sweated . XD plan ruined. it was raning heavily. no place to eat . we ended up buying bread from a stall n headed to dancing centre to have our 'dinner'

ouh yeah. i had my hair straighten today, had my fringe cut also .



danced so hard yesterday until i bruised my leg. boohoo='(

i had never been so tired.

this is something i got from the internet too..don't forget who u added in facebook~ watch what you're talking about~!


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