Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya Holidays-Ipoh trip

We went back to ipoh for 3 days..Saturday-Monday.
DAY 1-
it was a long journey back to ipoh. 4 people had to sit at the back of a Camry.
luckily our maid is small. cuz .. u noe lar.. everybody's fat =D
then my aunt brought her grandson to have us play with it XD
he's 2 months old. he's called 宗明-zhong ming .

his mother shaved his hair. now. some parts ain't growing hair. aikz.


DAY 2 -
had dim sum for breakfast~ Best dim sum is in ipoh~! a MUST TRY

this is kai ming. he was a fatty. XD aha. this time round. he got thin XD

see? he was a fat boy`

this is apicture of him when he was smaller~ so cute~ they grow up so fast
that day we headed to my uncle's shop.
then i saw something.. which really freaked me out.
this guy's legs..he was born with legs like horse legs. so kesian .

he has difficulties in walking lo..=(

this is my uncle's shop.

See this shop in ipoh, MUST BONG CHAN~!

we went back home. n dad wanted to teach me how to fry rice.
XD looking at how my previous trial ended up, he decided to teach me XD

long dai XD
floor full of rice. XD

this is my production. actually daddy did all de mixing. i jz fried it. XD

we went to the stored behind our house. i'd always like to go together with daddy..

and i'll take a lot of candy~^^

my bro n couz playing 死神
then this 2 little thing wasn't allowed to play..
but they still wanted to sit there.. and act like their playing. XD
poor kidsXD

Then it was lunch time..erm.. i meant..almost lunch time..then this kid was so hungry,he said : "wo hen er ar~!我很饿啊" then he took something to eat on d table.
so he was allowed to eat first XD
how cute~!

DAY 3-
had breakfast somewher called 新可乐

2 tables sticked together . 1 more beside us. so much food~~
after breakfast, we headed to place we haven't been for few years?
its a place we've been going since forever? i don noe. i don remember.

current condition.

this is when i was in form 1-2?

long time ago~
those kids were still so small.~!

fish in d pond!

kek loktong

(pic few years before)before.

(latest pic) after.

its still d same.
its really still d same.
its jz my stupid hp camera. XD


then its time for a little foot massage~~

the thing u must always go through XD

and no cheating~~!!!
it really hurts~!!!>.<

on d way back already~^^
still a long way to go~~
and after that~ always a place for us to rest after the walk

a video of how my brother walked. XD

they were so unhappy after the painful walk
a pic few years ago XD( i keep on checking on the old photos =DD)

see this cute guy

then we went for a walk.


catching up with the elderly?XD

i wonder what was this guy doing. .

a drinking machine we'd always rush to after a long walk`

after tha, we headed to my couz's house.

suddenly the house is full of people XD

see the baby is sleeping alone.
so ke lian

the baby's pillow~so small

by 3-4pm, we started to head home~

don leave ur saliva~

i had flu + it was sunny
headed to kepong for crabs`

i said : why does he look weird?
sis said : i really canoot tahan ppl wear long pants + slippers.
i said : ouh.. no wonder he looks weird.(okay. take picture *chicak*)
it's my bro xD
sang har min

zha man tao

swwet n sour

crispy butter cream

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