Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I miss the food

Hello world! It is such a wonderful thing that I've continued a second post after this morning! haha.
Oh god I am just craving for any kind of food that exists in Malaysia!
I can even crave for Malaysian McDonalds even though they have it here. Its just, not good.
The food here is not good, the weather is freezing cold..
Its not a good place to stay . hahahha 
Please do not come to the UK next time if you have a big appetite for awesome food.
This is really a place you wouldn't survive from.
I am craving for maggie goreng, nasi lemak, Mc Donalds, 大炒小炒,pasar malam,臭豆腐, everything everything that sells in Malaysia.
All they eat here is potato. 
I can't wait to go back by this july!!!!!
I was already planning of what things I'll have to ship back home today afternoon. hahah 
Malaysia, you're such a good place to stay in, although you have tough politics, and tough sun, and the awful jam every single day. But I still love you, a lot.
People, please appreciate what you have at home aight, its not always nice to stay abroad.
I only realize home is such a good place to stay in.
Although the weather is really hot, but I would say, I miss the moment where I park my car under the sun for half an hour, and when i open my car door, the heat will just splash on my face and my body.
It is better than having to freeze everytime you go out and having no whitening lotion here.
They only sell tanning lotion. -,- because they barely have any sun here.
AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh the life where I can drive here and there and have food anytime of the day just pulls my heart back to Malaysia.
People here close their shops at 5 :( and the sky is dark at 4pm :( 
I want my sun back!!!
Having to cover myself up and be ugly just so I won't freeze myself really sucks.
The main thing is the food here.
Even foreign food here are just a joke.
Korean cuisine serve so less and sell so expensive!
We have so many side dishes and also refillable. They don't serve side dishes here and you have to pay for lettuce -.-
Gimme back my weather and my food!!!!
I'd rather sweat everyday than freeze everyday!
They say even the spring and summer here are in cold weather.
Why oh why~
Time please let me go back fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

 And I'm having allergies to the things here. look at my big fat middle finger and the forth finger.
It happens everytime I hold their plastic bags... 
uggghhhhhh.... Malaysia , Wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANd,,,,, here's a 'NG' video of trying to support my friend in a dance competition, to cheer you up . hahahahahha

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