Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas is Coming to Town

Hello people~ Christmas spirits all around and its getting heavier as the days go by! 
How are you celebrating your Christmas this year? 
I'm gonna celebrate it alone, here in Manchester. Ok la I have a friend visiting me. hahah .
BUT STILL LONELY LOOOOOOOOOO hahaha . and very cold... 

And finally !!!!! My batch of babies has graduated!!!! :D 
and I'm stilll sad here..... hahahahahahah T.T
so this is what I did.
 I sympathy my parents. hahahah 
They are just so cute!!!!!!!

see my babes! so envyyyyyy!!!! 

 Since my life is so dull here, so I suggested a feast at home with my housemates! :D and voila!

 And there's this major problem of me being in the Uk is that.........

I've bought like *** pairs of shoes already !!! How am I gonna shift them all back to Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new adidas cap ! :)
my boy's collection 
look at ma red hair under the sun ! ;)
ahhhh, christmas decorations everywhere!
this clock is reflected on the wall! cute right !
This is a chinese restaurant buffet called TOPS. SEAFOOD

and there you go, upside down christmas trees
World largest gummy bear, freakin heavy

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! my room decoration ! 


and some new friends for christmas!
behold! donner kebab! very very very very fulfilling

people queuing up for santa. sommore need to pay lehhh

and there goes the most difficult assignment of the year ! I'm gonna have a good life after this !

holiday season and look at the amount of people at the post office
random things i saw in the mall, a bunch of stranger guys sitting together and play
and the leaves are frozen!!!!hahahah
but its still not snowing yet in manchester:(
maybe it wont snow.. whhyyyy

banana cake?? hahah

look at what my teacher forced us to do .
tadaa i know my drawing sucks okhkay
christmas treats for everyone !

how i spend most of my time ! haha
My first time clubbing in manchester ! it was.... rather.. boring . hahahah . I definitely prefer malaysia!
I miss you home!

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