Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teeheee... Guess what? I'm here again!!!
My boy's hardworking determination to write an everyday entry makes my heart itch too!
hehe. cuz he promised to write an entry everyday while waiting for me to go back ! :)
So this is for you baby <3 p="p">
I stayed in my room over the weekend :)
Nothing much to say lo. But my cough hasn't really recover yet :X
Which makes me suffer because my cough only comes at night! :(
I'm starting to get better , and I realized there's a lot of shops in the train station which is like 5 minutes walk away! They got yo!sushi sumore! I will go and eat de looo!!
And there's a korean restaurant on the way to school, I will eat that too!!! :) teehee.

Till now, I still think about home a lot. 
I can't wait to go home!
I cooked in the kitchen today and talked to my housemates, we're starting to pull it together !!! :)
Don't worry ya baby, if they bully me, i tell u and my china friends.
THey will come help me de ! hahah

I can't wait to get an iphone and whatsapp you every minute :P
but remind me when i'm in class cannot chat with u laaaaaa.a..
hahah. I'm also waiting for you to get yours alright?
Sorry I'm still not recovering :(
I drink a lot of water but don't eat medicine a lot :(
I don't like the medicine and i'm afraid i will finish the medicine very fast :(
I wish you're here with me :)
Protecting me and taking care of me:)
I really miss you . :)
hehehhe .
can't wait to get back to malaysia and see your biggggg smilleeeeeee 

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