Saturday, September 22, 2012

The weeks before leaving

Aight, I told you all I would be leaving to UK right?
Time has been running so fast, leaving me more and more reluctant to leave. 
I know its an adventure, I am Excited. But as time goes by, its makes it harder for me to leave.
I will be missing everything in Malaysia. EVERYTHING
 The boy tried to give me lovely moments before I leave. This is when we went shopping.
 and this was supposed to be my profile picture on facebook, but i abandoned it :X 

 We went to a japanese buffet called Suki-ya.
It was mainly steamboat, with 3 choices of meat- chicken, beef and lamb.
A must-try! Its not that expensive too

 and I needed to have some memories with the bitches too :P
We went to Aquasonic previously for Merdeka Celebration. :)
I was drunk like shit.

 And I met up with the sayang-est brother before I leave! 
went for japanese food, again! Felt like puking actually for having too much of japanese food within the period. 
 Genting is a must!

 We had fun, and had wonderful memories.:)
 Genting dai gah jie:P

 Before leaving , I sill had the chance to pick up a few dancing jobs, one was in bukit jalil for the car show, dancing Gangnam style :D

 I can change my field of job, right? haha who am i kidding

 Gangnam styleeeeee~~~~~~ ehhhhh sexy ladyyyy
a photo of me dancing greatly :P hahah . to end this post! Next post will be touching!

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