Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starting of a new Chapter

Alright this is gonna be a shit ass long post. 
Be prepared :D 
2 and a half years ago, I stepped into a college named Tunku Abdul Rahman College. 
Everyone was nervous and blur looking as they first stepped into the college, so was I.
Little that i know, amazing things would happen through these 2 and a half years..... 

We used to hang out at the cafeteria during our breaks in between classes as it was near our school blocks.

 I participated in an event for freshmen called Talentime Night.
I met amazing people, that brought different feelings to my life in college.
 I met my boy ♥ ♥

 I met amazing good friends ♥ ♥
 We made it to the stage

and made ourselves champion

 We started to get close...
 And even form crews to perform in college

 We even perform outside of college
 I was in a class named B2, which had wonderful people in it.

We took part in various events in school,
 and even out :S sorry for the crazy hair, but this was when i made a crazy decision to chop my long hair off.
 We had joy and fun throughout every meeting..

 We even had our own outings :)

 and as people come and go, we all learnt a lot and keep growing

 We had lovable lecturers that treat us so well ♥ ♥

 And we even had juniors when we start going up to year 2

 We'd always have crazy moments with each other.

We even had a few surprises every once and then

 We had fun with our juniors, and made them our sons and daughters
 We learnt a lot through  our course. and had a lot of fun, despite the arguements we had.

Every year, its for sure we'll still take part in two major events in college

 I will have  to stay back every night for 1 month non-stop. Although I complain everyday, but I won't stop doing what I was doing.

 All of the amazing people I have with me
 All of the crazy things we do

 How am i suppose to forget them?

Look what my babe even did for me :)
They brought me joy, laughter, sadness, anger, hunger, and all sorts of feelings anyone can get.
They are wonderful♥

 Being in the UK, means I would not get to meet these amazing people for one year.
Being in the UK, means I would not get to take part in these amazing events anymore.
Being in the UK, means I would distance myself from them.
Being in the UK, I would be alone.
BEing in the UK, I would not have these people beside me when i need them.

To all the people who have made my life interesting, Thank you all.
In these 2 years, i really had a wonderful time. Having ups and downs have made my life more wonderful than ever.
I know its not the end, but its the end for this chapter.
I have graduated and got my Diploma in Mass Communication, Public Relations.
although i wouldn't be able to go to my convocation, cuz i'm rushing to the UK.
I am going to start a new chapter, new life there in the UK.
But, I will keep you all updated on my life:)
I will miss you all.
THanks for being there in my life, making it so much interesting.

I hope the best of everything in everyone ♥ ♥
Now, its my time to make my life more interesting than before:)
 Good bye people :')
I ♥ U
 Goodbye my loved ones. I love you all

I will be leaving tomorrow night , 9pm. Do come if you want to :)Wish me luck :D

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