Saturday, July 25, 2009

a short one.

ini saya punya laogong. =D ying <3

she say (our anniversary gift)wor =)^^

my mum bought this soap.. acne aid soap..
quite good one..its sold in guardian =) go buy

now got value buy. 3 for 28.88 =DD

my auntie came..
so we went to midvalley for a walk..
we reached there about 11.30am.. by that time..
people already coming in..
car park start to get full already..

they were having these monsters everywher ..
don noe wat monster sales =D
they were also having this Maybank Treatsfair where u can use ur treat points in ur credit card to redeem stuffs you like =)

so many people

this guy like those pasar malam guys.. promoting their products..
talk like very geng XD

got toys summore

saw this cute thing. the words are made out of food =D

then we had kenny rogers for lunch =)

ordered 2 plates for 4

wat i ate XD

then i saw this guys with this shirt 信你一成,双目失明(in cantonese)

then i saw some b*tches from connaught last time working there as salesgurls..
they were promoting a product named BLACKBERRY
my mum n aunt was curious.
so they went n ask about this product..
ask d first b*tch, she call another b*tch to come n explain(she didn't know how to speak in english?XD)
then d other one came.. my mum asked her a few things.. then all she said was.. ya.. ya .. ya..
mum:anything special about this?
b*tch:(din heard wat she say exactly)can use email .. when u receive email.. it will pop-up
mum:oh.. the email pops up when u receive it lar.. n thats all lar.. jz hp with some extra functions lar..
b*tch:ya.. ya.. (kept quiet)
mum:.........(looking at aunt)
b*tch: so u wanna have a look?
mum:u're not telling me anything also.. i ask u questions n all u say is ya ya ya.. how m i suppose to know anything?
b*tch:so u wanna have a look?
mum:=.=no thanks.. jz wanna know what was this blackberry thing
we went off.. then my mum n aunt starts to talk about her.. don noe how to speak.. don noe how to sell.. don say anything.
only say ya ya ya..
so.. the conclusion is... people.. if you don't know how to speak.. You lose customers n you don't get to do any business!!
so the moral value of the story is.. if you don't know how to speak.. don't be a salesperson !!XD


then my mum don wanna buy for me T.T

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