Saturday, July 25, 2009


long time din't post blog =) cuz was busying for a singing competition.. welll..
will post a cha pe lang post lar.

do u believe this is a plum? XD


my mum's car broke down.. could not start d engine in d morning.. we had to use d other car.

at night.. my dad had to pinjam another car's battery jz to start d one that's broken down.. my dad drove d car terbalik.. to make it bumper to bumper


a teacher.. to me..

d first impression is.. teacher's words ( writing) will be very nice..

but i hav one teacher.. her words are like kindergarten kids writing.. omg.. seriously.. this is d first teacher i ever seen writing so ugly.. XD

this is d one i am talking about (u don't know who she is XD)

see her words.. XD

went to d morning market with my parents..
d whole family actually.. with my maid also XD
din noe why i went also.. XDso bored..
sg long pasar pagi XD

hati hati dengan penyeluk saku XD

tuition after that.. our teacher was teaching us about menstruation cycle..
n talked about female's 4 biggest weakness. -
1. like to waste
2.always start earlier
3.not consistent
4.not FAIR to waste - as in out of 4 things we buy.. we only need 1 n only use 1.
2.always start earlier - as in we always wake up earlier than men. example:ur dad wakes up at 7am, ur mum wakes up at 5 doing houework already =D
3.not consistent - normal la..women are always not consistent
4.not FAIR - undeniable. don't believe? ask ur boyfriend.

my tuition teacher.
one thing about my tuition teacher.. she always tries her best to make us understand,make us remember wat she taught us by doing a lot of things. example, always giving us using something to represent d thing she is teaching (even her children's toys XD)..n she always manages to find something to represent the things she's teaching..
this is an example XD

as i was saying..
i took part in this singing competition.
representing my school lar.. peringkat daerah hulu langat.. XD
but xia sui lar.. cuz lose liao XD
its held in this PPD - pejabat pelajaran daerah hulu langat in near saujana impian there... kajang.
quite a few schools also took part in this competition.
they have 3 categories.. solo,padusuara(group),teachers category
our school took part in 2 categories,solo n group.
i'm involved in both categories also.. both also lose XD
i had a problem lar.
cuz i had to deal with this indian..
not that i'm a racist .. but he is really a SUCKER
his attitude is bad,no doubt his singing is good.. but he always thinks that he is so damn good.. in actual fact ,he's just got something a liiiiiiittle bit better than some people who can't sing lar.
in this world ar.. there are so many people better than him..
i'm not afraid to say him name out
he's JOEL KUMAR don noe wat
studying in smkbbsl.. think he's so damn good..
but results also sucks cuz he is studying in 4C,not to say a good class..
his skin colour is so black.. u can't see him at night without any lights..
he is RUDE , he makes people hate him very much..
so bcuz i had to deal with him these few days.. n he likes to order me to do things..
HELLO~~~i'm ur senior u know..
n cuz in group .. we have 3 people singing.. me , him and his gurlfren..
so i had to deal with them two
makes me more PENING!!
san ing also say he thinks himself so high in mighty..but he made san ing's group lost in running competition XD
n this guy ar.. he made our singing suck too..
cuz he was d one who was going to sing first..
only we come in n blend in wit him..
he with his GREAT idea, by adding something in front.. - singing another verse (him solo-ing)
he started the song totally out of pitch..
i feel like killing him..
n he still say.. aiya nevermind lar. can get into finals very good ady..
now.. all my frens hate him already..
cuz all of them noe that he's so annoying..

the banner

the stage


the judge, see?XD

number 6

got hungry XD
during d finals..
we had to dress up as a nation lar.
malaysia mar.
i thought we're going to wear chinese,malay,indian
n it turned up.. they both wearing malay,i wear indian..wth?

seen indian before?XD

accessories manyak~

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