Sunday, July 12, 2009


XD(i hate raisins)
i have tuition on wednesdays n thursdays..
WEd- add math, bio
Thurs - chemis , physics
after add mths, we usually will go downstairs n buy some snacks n have 'picnic' or sometimes 'dinner' during the next class..
n usually.. there will be a lot of people that we have to keep places for ourselves.. n its too late if we go upstairs , put our bags, n go back downstairs to buy stuffs..
so.. we usually ask for help from frens...
so that wednesday.. ying called a fren to help us 'book' places with our bags.. we usually get a row - 3 places
that day i was late n ying jz gave her bag ..i took mine with me ...
so while i was waiting ying to come down from booking d places..
whui kee n d gang .. they came down.. talking to us..
whui kee:u don hav places already...
ying :we book already loh!
whui kee:oh..
so after buying food..
we went back upstairs.. i was still worrying about the places.. cuz it is possible that our fren jz book one seat for us..
so when we went back up stairs..
ying's bag was in d centre.. both sides taken ..(i was right )(sigh)
so... we spotted a place.. which in the most front row..
no choice but to sit there.
then we took our seats..
whui kee n his frens came back...
with a very sad face..lying on our table...
whui place...=(..wei.. why u don noe how to defend ur own place de ?(scolding lap zhen )
lap zhen : huh?

so this is what happened to whui kee XD

so cham XD
sorry larh.. we don't have any place also =D

today.. parents went to school n took my report card.
nothing happend (phew)
after that i have intensive tuition class.. in balakong..
affter tuition we headed to sunway piramid.
had sushi king ..
n i had this drink ii've always wanted.. don noe wats d name..
its 8.90
but now 2 for 10.90
so we ordered 2


this is peach (i noe its doesn't look differentXD)

had a really bad day..
forget about those things u said n denied
do i look like a grown-up to you?
do i look like i don't need any financial needs from u ?
well..she might be working n she can buy her own stuff..
i bought a lot of things..
jz bcuz i wanted to buy additional stuff for myself..
but that doesn't mean that you don't have to pay for my daily needs.
now i'm jz like a kid using my own money for things other people's mother would hav pay for them
what about mine?
n this house is jz like a hotel?
what now ?
u don't have to raise my anymore?
jz feed me like a pet?
giving me shelter n food only?
what about usual needs?
sometimes i just wanna buy things for myself
n now u think that it's not ur responsible.
don't feel like using a single thing in this house anymore.
u always think that u're right.
think u're so high-in-mighty
u noe wat ?
i don't c u as a great person.. not so much anymore.
I know u're gonna think that i'm childish
n mayb u'll say this will hurt ur feelings..
u don't know wat to do anymore.. bla bla bla..
i wanted to prove to u that i can do things i wanna do.
n not to come back to u .
if i really did it.
u'll regret.. u'll regret it so much
but so what ?
ouh.. i'm jz bullshiting here.
u won't care
u don't care
I'm sorry if i offended anyone.
jz expressin my feelings here.
trying to edit
but i think i'm ruining it more? XD


  1. huh?
    why say sorry ?
    u mean d tuition thingi ar?
    nothing lar.
    jz wanna let everybody see how cham d whui kee is jek XD
    nvm nvm aiyor.. hahah