Saturday, January 16, 2010

Working !! @@

WOOT! I started working already on friday ~ . =)

I'm now working in agensi pekerjaan Recruit Express , in Menara Standard Chartered , level 25 .

our agency helps people to find jobs XD

post your resume on jobstreet , u may get the chance to bump into us, and get your job! XD

I'm working as a temp admin gurl lar. XD very san fu one err. T.T haha.


the new restaurant in Times Square level 4 u'll never wanna try . hyper salty + tasteless.

First day of work , then went to choir rehearsal .
had to da pau food to eat there.
when we got there, door wasn't open yet . my god . everyone had to sit on the floor.
i looked like a begger . XD eating on d floor =x

banyak orang~

see the door still closed.
Second day of work! i have to work on saturdays too ` boohoo. XD
but half day only lar~~
dad came back from hong kong! woohoo~ time to receive presents from daddy santa claus~!!=D
things i got-

this thingi u can see in malaysia also lar. XD but cheaper there . =D


whee~ esprit watch for my birthday ~ !!^^

esprit handbag~
I miss you ):
fong sam , i'm having a good life . xoxo

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