Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whole Day OUT~~!!


FOSSIL(lizard)-with flash=DD

no flash =)got ants beside

went out for the whole day today .. tired.. so tired...
at first we went to leisure mall to search for another maid. kena renew mar..
den.. we're all hungry.. went to sunway hotel for a buffet hi-tea..
on d way....we saw this advertisment..
daddy call me to copy down d number..
but i jz captured it with my phone=)
see the gurl XD

wow wow
n we reached...

our table =)


they have mirrors everywher XD

world's smallest wan tan mee

i Jz LOVE desserts



then after that.. me n sis went shopping at sunway shopping mall..
n we saw this thing going on..
primary kids spelling competition..
some of the words are very DEEEPPP~~~

continued shopping..
we bought a piece of top=D
then the cashier : we don't have any 10 cents left.. is it ok?(holding a ten dollar bill)
sis: not ok for me.. i think it's so unfair for me .
cashier:ok...(give my sis 20 cents with those looks on her face)
well.. how can she jz give us less change?
will not go back to sunway's NICHI every again XD
people.. don't go =DD
stupid looking square sun glasses in nichi
den we went to mid valley for d education fair..
=.= tired

c my mum..XDbook parkingXD

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