Sunday, June 14, 2009

Outings =)

went out friday.. saturday. n sunday=D
must go out gao gao before school starts..
go out until very tired
friday i went out with boy.
we went to times square
bought a lot of stuff.
spend a lot of $$


why so fierce =x
mua mua XD
sin yee/ ying's room
so we took d bus n went off~~~
bus again.. haihz.
then it was a saturday..
so many ppl .
need to stand.
i kept calling ppl.. hope to find someone to send us there.
=( nobody can send.
then we stay in d bus lor.
then there was this ah po.
sitting beside ying..
talking to her.
see her face XD
then we arrived.
we had KFC

don let me take=(


make up make up =x


then we went to roller in sungai wang..
first time.
gan jeong.
(i'm sanpat i noe XD)
so long no play roller blades ler.
we had fun lar.
sin yee learned how to play ler~~YEAH!!
roller's toilet.

us. i so uglyT.T

3 of us XD

got one gurl wanted to make frens with me in roller there.
scared die.
don noe is less or not tim .XD
hate that 变态佬
keep on following me..
still make me fall down.
hate him for the rest of my life!!
after roller.
shareen come find us.
then we go take 大头贴
us wit the guy called..小四!? not sure =p

lao gong n me me

after sungai wang..
i attended my primary classmates gathering..
saw some old frens..
missed them..
people who attended:khai woon/organizer , ken , zhu zai , teng fung , hoi yan/the only gurl besides me , dennis/班长, jiang song , chyi pei , 健燊(i don noe his english name), zi quan, chak keong(thats all i remember)XD

they mentioned a lot of our old classmates.. a lot also i don remember..
the mention one name.. i'll ask.. who's that ?
really missed them..
too bad a lot of ppl couldn't come..
some still don't want to come.
so 难得ma.
if next time got gathering go lar =D
not always can gather together mar. life is short =)

Then sunday..
i went to the mines.
find ah boy.XD
gan jeong lar. XD
then we had porridge for lunch .
sweet XD
then ying , steven , mun , meng feng came n join us in d da gei cheong.
ying n mun wanted to scare me..
but i turned around n saw them first
after da gei cheong.
we pui boy go back to his 档口
then.. i need to go back at 4..
kena scold =(
sometimes i really hate to be at home..
always get scolded.
sometimes feel like wanna play 离家出走XD

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