Sunday, May 4, 2014

SO Its never going back

So here goes the stage where we never turn back to being a stress-free work-free person.
I am faster than my friends surrounding me. I started working in March. Yes it was a very frustrating period when I haven't started working right after I graduated because I gave myself a few months off. But no relatives and friends don't think this way. 
All I got was: Why you find job find so long one? / Have you found your job?

I mean a lot of things in this world are so commercialized. Okay, so I haven't found any job. So what you gonna do about it? 
Would you find me one? Would you care why I have not? Would you have anything to do if I have or have not find any?

Okay now I have one. So would this affect you in any way? Would this help you to feel better or worse? 
After people have got on with their lives no one seems to care anymore. 
SO WHY SO GEHPOH? Its just the way people were taught to think. 
You should ask and do nothing about it. Great. You're a good person now. You live better.

I think a lot of people are not living the life they want, they are just doing things so they blend in to the society. 
Get a life la. Get your own thinking. Do what you want, not follow blindly and take nothing good out of it.

So here goes.
I was hired by Great Eastern to work under OCBC. 
Sounds confusing? No I'm not a spy. They are sister companies and its a project going on.
So there I went to training!  

 Yep you have not seen wrong. I am under sales line.
Shocked right! I am still shocked now. hahaha Well, never try never know right ? 
 My new colleagues.

 Not forgetting my parents' anniversary celebration!

So these are pictures to say I am also having my usual life other than working . hahaha 
You don't know me. I'm super lifeless because I just feel like sleeping other than working hours.

 Fun in training buahahah
 Meeting babes too!
 Itu dia, boss belanja cuz I got my pay!
 My boy's function I also go okay
 Colleagues Colleagues

So its been 2 months under Great Eastern now. I will be transferred to OCBC to work directly under OCBC.
I will start selling really soon! ahhhh .gan jeong
So I'm working in OCBC Cheras Alam Damai
Come visit me la! :D

One year ago, I was in UK, separated from my family, my boyfriend, my friends.
Now my boy is going to UK too! This time, 3 months.
Not that bad, not too long, and with his friends together with him.
But I'd have to separate with him! Its this 22nd
Right after his birthday.
I hope I could give him a sweet one so it'd be a nice memory to bring over during his flight.
Or he might just forget and have fun with all of his friends haha
Guess I would have to blog everyday like what he did during my time over there! 

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