Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bon Voyage! Time for baby to grow up

So baby passed his Advanced Diploma and was confirmed to be going to Liverpool in May 22nd.

So we decided to spend more time together doing extra things. 

 first my selfie. haha Been going out quite often these days because not only baby is going, my friends are going to UK too! So they always call me midnight to go for karaokae.

 Brought baby out to KL Tower's Revolving restaurant to have his early celebration birthday dinner since he hasn't been to KL Tower and the restaurant yet. :) 

 It was a buffet dinner for us. RM198 nett for normal malaysian food buffet, ITS SO PRICEY. Except for the fact we're so high up in the sky and enjoying the view. 
But the rotating momentum made me feel uneasy though. Don't know about him. I kept shifting my attention to look at him and not the view. hahah Made me wanna vomit. Oh well! 

 Look at the view! 

 Since it was baby's birthday soon and also soon leaving to UK, I decided to make something I've never attempted to do before, which is baking cupcakes!
The cupcake was a success, but the frosting is so frustrating! I could not make it right no matter what I do ! 
I've beat the frosting batter but it didnt work out the way I wanted it to.
I had no choice in the end but to change it to whipped cream. The photos look nice because it was taken immediately after I did it.
10 seconds later it was melting. UGHHHHHH
 I'm gonna miss him sitting beside me always !
 My family also wanted to invite him for a dinner, we made a date and in the end baby wanted to treat us. AWWW!!!! 
 We also made a point to go out to somewhere special on 520's day. (20/5/2014)
 We went to Skypark @ One City! 
So scaryyyyyy hahaha. Baby had a hard time taking pictures with me.
 Actually I pity him for being with me cuz I'm such a lazy bum. All I do is sleep in the car to and fro and wake up to take pictures and eat. hahaha . Then I go back to sleep when I reach home. What a fat ass lazy pig.

 Yay romantic. haha 
 And the day has come! 22/5/2014

The day for baby to leave me here all alone for 3 months.

HAHA  don't laugh okay! 3 months is long enough.
Even though we've been through a one-year separation already.
Its still painful to separate again okay.
 Sleep again in the car!

 This two bitches are the ones calling me to karaokae midnight.

 Baby going off! No worries  baby, it will be fun! 
Work hard, play hard! enjoy the moment ! 
Be safe! Love you lots! 
I'll always be here! 
So proud of myself cuz I didn't cry just now. cuz few days before I was still tearing when we were talking about him leaving. I'm such a strong person. haha 
 His latest update before departing! 
and tadaaaa. dinner with his parents, with my parents. haha 

Oh, and baby gave me book of cupcakes recipe before he left. 
pfffttt obviously hinting me on how bad my cupcakes are. 
FINE! I will master it and make it perfect next time! 

Now that I am home, I saw his washed&folded clothes on my bed, this strange feeling is pushing through from my stomach up to my throat.
Now that I am home, I realized he's gone.
Now that I am home, I realized he's no longer gonna be here the next few days.
He's not gonna come put me to bed, sing me to sleep, watch movies next to me.
He's not gonna eat dinner with me, and go shopping with me.
He's not going to hug me when I'm home, pat on my back when I'm sad.
Now that I'm home I feel the pain.

Please be safe baby, I love you.

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