Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Trip to Barcelona, Spain!

Holla Amigos!
Yep, I went to Barcelona a month ago and it was a really great experience!
A defo place to visit if you're into travelling. :D

 First up! Breakfast and Outfit of the day!
 We went for a 4 days 3 nights trip, spent around £350. Not bad!
We took a flight from Liverpool to Barcelona and from Barcelona back to Birmingham .

 Waiting for the train to Liverpool ! 

 And off we go !!!!

 People who went - yingping, weijing, kelvin, pongpong and mua ! haha 

 Taadaa~~~~~~!!! We're here in Barcelona, Spain!!!!!!
Their shopping centre called Arena. 
 We stayed in a low budget hostel, it was alright though for a hygiene freak like me. haha 
Its called Pillow One Hostel
You can click and look at the website. Really a not bad place for a budget trip ^_^
 First stop, Font Màgica !!!
Which is the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

 A very nice place :) 

Here's a short video for the fountain performance! 

 After the Magic Fountain we went for Spanish Dinner !! 
Their famous dish is called the Tapas, which is these small small dishes. 
They only eat rice once in a while with big families.

 And after dinner would be happy hour! :D
hahahah. It was a must-do thing to experience their night pub!
Too bad it was too late to experience their night club because their night clubs only start at 12am.

 At least we had fun ourselves! :D 
Muy Bien, Amigos, me gusta.!

 and this is how our beds look like. hahha
 So called 'provided breakfast' 

Its a project of Antoni Gaudí
 And has been going on for 100+ years, and still counting . 
You have to pay an entrance fee of how much i forgot. hahha
But its not expensive. A must-go in Barcelona.
 It is known as the largest cathedral in the world. 
Very artistic, the designs are based on the theme 'nature'
Which uses the ideas of trees and animals .

 Spanish chocolate! hahah Kinder Sorpresa! 

 Look what I got ! Patrick Star! 
 After that, Casa Batlló
Also project of Gaudi's 
You'd have to pay to visit the house. We didn't go in.

 Aaahhhh, good food in Spain. 

 Seafood , not as great as asian seafood, but definitely a thirst quencher in western countries.
We had seafood everyday in Spain. 
Our cholesterol all went up I'm sure. 

 Famous dish in Spain, called the Paella 
Which is seafood fried rice.

 The temperature in Spain is rather warm compared to England.
It is said to be 99% sunny on websites so it is a must to bring shades !!!!

 Best thing is to have seafood next to the sea.
We enjoyed the food and also got to experience the beach in Spain!
 There are a lot of people walking dogs swimming and even surfing despite the weather that's not really exciting.

 Ice cream after the beach!!! 

 Right, ignore my noob face ok .

 And also, everything will be written in like 3 languages, Spanish, Portuguese(I suppose) and also English.
 Had late breakfast outside just to join the cultural dance ! 

 This cultural dance is called La Sardana
People will gather in front of the La Seu Cathedral every Sunday around noon in Plaza Plà de la Seu 

Short Videos to show the dance! its really easy!

 the band playing music for the dance. 

 Cute sign! 

 Super huge Vending Machine.

Old people playing ball games.

 Day 3 - 流星花园 

 Behold,Park Guell
Famous project of Gaudi too!
and also the place where Meteor Garden 2 was shot.

 Stall sellers also like chou kit type, RUNS LIKE HELL WHEN THE POLICE COMES.
Be careful when you're buying, you won't wan to purchase halfway and the stall starts to run.
So, basically my advice is to make up your mind what you wanna buy and make the purchase fast. 
hahaha. Just in case they run away .

hahahhaa XD 

 Look how sunny it is !!!! 

 Something very eye-catching . hahaha 
 Oh and we had lunch at a place with shabu shabu. Super worth it !!!!!!!

 We also went to visit the Spanish Village Barcelona
But the shops inside were closed around the time we went , which was evening. 
You'd have to pay entrance fee too.
So do not go in after 6 or you'll just go into the village for nothing. NOONE WILL BE INSIDE. NOTHING TO SEE AT ALL

 see what I mean ? 

 Spanish Beer!!!

 outside of our hostel.

A very cute store which sells candy. 

 Very nice colours of boards! Too bad I didn't have the luggage capacity to buy!!!

 tourist attraction too - La Boqueria Market
Didnt get to go in but beware.
A lot of thieves and pick pockets there, and also generally in Spain. haha 
We got into contact with 2 pick pockets during the journey there. haha 
Luckily nothing got stolen. 
 Tapas again

 and black paella
 normal paella.
 warning again.
do not get fooled.
It could be the worst candy you can ever have in your life. hahha a

The end.
Overall it was a really nice trip and I enjoyed it.
It is a place I would hope to re-visit again
Despite the pickpockets around.
I hope to learn a few spanish vulgar so I can scold them if I see any of them . hahahah a
Any volunteers teaching ? XD
I think the next post will be 
Eastern Europe Trip! 
hahahahaha Excited and getting bankrupt at the same time
Till then, ciaoz!

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