Thursday, February 28, 2013

Earning Pocket Money

Hiya! Are you alright? 
See ya 
Words you'll use frequently if you are in England. 
Hello everyone!!!!! I'm back again 

First to scare you with my boyfriend's picture buahahha. XD 

AHHHH I finished the 铁蛋my baby bought for me! Last one! Adios eat you again next time !!! 
So as mentioned at my titile, it is time for me to get my lazy ass up to earn some pocket money.
Finding a job in UK is hard because people tend to take in their own kind rather than us Asians.
Though its easy to look for a job under chinese people here, but often they underpay you.
But it is better to be underpaid than to be unemployed am I right?
So there goes my employment here in China Town!

My working uniform
Tadaaaaa this is the place where I work. Called The International Buffet. Located in the centre of China Town.

The inside of the restaurant. hahha . 
If you happen to be here you can come and visit. Its quite cheap! less than £10 per meal! 
Though if you're from malaysia you won't be fascinated by the food because the food in Malaysia is obviously better.
But! I find it good enough for the ang mos! ;) 
The weather in Manchester is really killing. Even the people here are complaining about the cold, imagine us from a tropical country.
HELP! Spring faster come okay!

Another side of inside to let you see. buahaha.
Well I've done a few part time jobs before this but this is my first time doing F&B/waiting.
I learned some new stuffs here and I'm actually quite happy with it. But... it seems that I maybe gonna lose my job for I dont know what reason. hahah . Maybe I'm just thinking too much ? I don't know .
The jobscope here is REALLY wide . From waitress to bar tender to toilet washer.
hahaha. 一句话, 打杂
Well, done with my part time job, proceed to my life. haha Normal life lo. keep wanting to go back home lo. still got what.

A must go ! hahaha . For me la. Should try new things ma right.
They even have a gay village here specially for the LGBT. cool right.
Currently in love with little things I used to hate. 
Loving all sorts of hair accessories! 

here's guai guai ! He's still very fine!! :D 

Fortune cookies giving me bullshit.
And malaysian friends had CNY party here! I missed it because I have work.
But they left Nasi Lemak for me!!!!
Sho happie! 
I miss every single food back in Malaysia. 
I swear I'm gonna eat like a pig when I get back.

China TOwn during CNY. This is still early. I couldn't get a picture of it when its full of people because I'm working and it is also full of people inside the restaurant.

And cause its CNY, I shall go to the temple!!!
Tadaaaa! Fo Guang SHan Manchester .
Went to a 'fancy' dinner with friends! Western Style! it was in a place called Sam's Chop House. If I'm not mistaken.

Their Special Bitter
soup with cheese! 
Fish and Chips
something beef. We were too full when this came so no one finished it.

And I got flowers for Valentines!!! THanks baby ! Thanks to kelvin too for helping my baby get those flowers for me. I'll come back and re-celebrate with you baby ! 
The night during dinner
Must-do! Relaxxxxxx

And we went off to York to have their famous high tea. 

York Minster Cathedral
Their typical english street with buildings real close to each other.

Tadaaaaaaaa. our meal 
super people mountain people sea okayyyyy. those people outside are queuing to come in.

and we climbed up to the york minster cathedral tower. 200+ steps. SHO TIRED.

THe view on top !!! 
We also went to the York's Chocolate Story. Its a chocolate factory explaining about the history of chocolate in ENgland and also demonstrating how chocolate is made.

We got free chocolates too ! 
and had dinner after that before going back to Manchester.

OH Oh OH ! I also went to try the karting in Manchester!
buahahhaha. its near Trafford Centre if you all would like to visit

The juniors all don't know how to take picture. =.= 

Sing K SIng K !!!!! super worth it with foood loads of it 
see I told you, this is not all , got 2 more fish sumore! 

We also went to NAndo's!!! THe place I wouldn't go myself. 
teehee. new earrings for CNY llooooooo
TIll the next post,
stay tuned for the next post !  Barcelona trip!!

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