Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Trip to Pulau Pangkor

 Hey peeps! Last post, I said that I'll be going to Pulau Pangkor and Vuala! I have been there and came home ! Teehee.
It was really a fun trip ~ Yeah! 
Day 1 - My boy woke me up 4.50am in the morning when i set my alarm clock at 5.00am. T.T Such a torment. :( So i quickly get up and bathe, already got my things packed up in 2 big bags the day before. He came and pick me up 5+ in the morning . On the way to wangsa maju, we picked up Denise and also Daniel Tong yang selalu slownye, and had Breakfast in KFC. Then , we went to Pudu Bus Station by LRT. Took a bus to Lumut, it was a 4-hour drive to Lumut and we took a 45 minutes ferry to Pulau Pangkor. 
And here we are ! :D 


In the bus ~! 

So excited ! 

And we're Here! :D

Once we got off the ferry, smell of dead fish ran straight into my nose. I hate fish! XD We went straight to the apartment, Coral Bay Resort. :) Put down all our stuff and went straight for FOOD! Had some fried noodles and fried rice just to fill up our stomach for the mean time to have fun! 

After lunch we went and take a look at the beach ~ had some 'sea air' and bought some mixer and snacks for the nights :P If you know what I'm talking about. 

Headed back to the hotel and swim. We had water war . XD We even sat on each other's shoulder and fight. XD Haha. We all were very tired after that, cuz we were laughing too much XD


Then we went and have Dinner at the same place we had lunch, we talked about what dishes we would like to have and when we reach there around 7, everything was set up ready for us ! How nice ! 
The food was okay, except for the small flower crab. It is shoooooooooooo smowlllll.... 

Then, we went back to the Hotel or we call it Apartment to Parrrrrtaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! I was beaten down the first day, I kept losing the game! : ( They forced me to talk when i was already down on the bed ) urghh... susahnye. 

We had a nice chat and more understanding between each other that night ;)
It was an apartment with 3 rooms, we took out all the beds and put in in the living room. 7 of us were sleeping all together . Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

Day 2 - Me and my boy was the first to wake up, we brushed up and washed up, then when my boy shouted them to wake up , no one entertained him. XD haha . 
Then I went and turn on the TV, everyone was moving around in their blankets. XD *evil laughs*

We had cup noodles and tuna sandwich for breakfast, and made our way out for the tour of the whole island . We wanted to go and have lunch first, but the restaurant wasn't open yet. Then we headed to the temple first. Went all the way up the stairs they have there, had fresh air, prayers, wishing + wishing well and cried the hell out of my head there. Damn it . But he promised it won't happen again ! so ^^ Yay 

Then we went down hill again to have lunch, and yes finally the restaurant opened! 
We had the most (nicest) ice lemon tea there :P according to sharon. XD

Then we headed to the most important place . :P I don't know the name ! Its called 白沙滩 in mandarin. We made a great deal with the people there and had a great price to go snorkeling + banana boat + (pelampung) yang amat besar yeng boleh dimainkan oleh orang besar besar macam kite orang ni. XD 

We went to snorkeling first, it was my first time ! Was really excited ! :P I had to use my mouth to breathe all the time! No chance for your nose to breathe! It was a great experience! You all should really go and try if you have a chance. And I learnt that you can't tilt your head and talk to the next person while you're snorkeling if not all you'll get is a mouth full of sea water . the breathing tube went straight under the surface of the water, which means , i was breathing in sea water, very very salty water . :X

It was a really great experience, you get to see fish swimming right in front of you, but of course you can't touch them cuz they're really good in swimming :P (like duh)
and all of us got wounded here and there during snorkeling, the rocks are very sharp, i myself got a bleeding wound at my toe when i got up from the water. :( 
The uncle boss was very nice to us and me ! i got a special snorkeling mask! which was obviously yeng-er than others. XD hahah . :P 
he showed us a lot of things we didn't know and didn't see. 
We even got to see and touch sea cucumbers ! they are sliiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. yii . XD it was fun tho. :P

Teehee. then we got to play banana boat, normal people they get to drop off the water 2 times. We, got 4 times! the abang was teaching us this and that , we got along quite well so.. :P hehe. Stephy and I got 1 more free drop off the water:P cuz we didn't sit well. Buahahahah. we drop off the water 5 times! it was really a great deal! and the abang had a lot of fun himself ! 
The uncle even showed us dolphins that were swimming quite far away from us. We oinly got to the them jumping/ swimming in the centre of the sea. and uncle said it was really lucky of us to get to see this thing happen. Cuz it really doesn't happen often. He said it was his first time seeing this after being there for so long ! How lucky ! 

Then we also had a lot of fun doing silly things playing the pelampung ~ Really had a great time with the gang ~! 

We wanted to have dinner in the most popular place - YeLin椰林 in Pangkor Island but unfortunately it wasn't open. Then we went to another option - Coco可可. We had our dinner there, as usual~ Seafood.. :D But then i did not have a great appetite like the day before, we were also quite distracted by the karaokae they had there. we all just went up and sing. 
At first , it was just  2 tables lining to sing. after that, more n more tables lined up to sing, till we had to wait for so long, we left. Went back home and parrrrrrrrrrtaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy AGAIN! TEEHEE. XD
This time the party gone really crazy.. all of us did crazy stuff.. :X 
And all of them got drunk, except me. It was really hard for only me to take care of all 6 of them .. susahnye.. :( i only get to sleep by 4+ am. :( and i was the earliest to wake up sumore. 

Special Photo give out :P 

Day 3 - I woke my boy up and we brushed up first, again. Then its TV switching on time!!!!!!! yeay ! hahha . all of them woke up again.. heheh~ Then we had our breakfast, and it was time to go home~ 
After another 4 hours and 45 minutes of journey back home, my boy brought me to TGI Friday for dinner. Didn't have much appetite too. :( Don't know why. Bought a new cheaplak bag and he even brought me to look at sunglasses! Which was the thing i really wanted for quite a long time - since i lost my 300+$ Sunglasses , into the toilet bowl. Shit. 
But, I haven't get to buy one yet. Will still be looking arounD ! yuhooo!! 

Enough writing for now, 
Stay Tuned_ till the next post. 
  Xoxo , CheL

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