Friday, September 16, 2011


The One & only~ 
❤ 大朋友 a.k.a. 大动物
She'd always call me 小动物/小朋友, sometimes 米粉or sumthing like that 

 Why this picture ? 
Because you're always the devil.

You'd always talk to me only when you feel like it

You'd always eat my food when you said u didn't wanna have any

You'd always come into my room and make my room a mess by trying to find clothes in my closet.

You'd give me a very sour face when i wanna borrow clothes from you.

One second you keep talking to me, The other second you won't even answer me a word.

You'd scold me for touching your things.

But you know what? 
All these things doesn't stop me from loving you 

I will really miss youuuuuuu

You still have a lot of things that made my life better!

 You'd always ask me to send things to you in games.

You'd always talk to me with our weird language

You'd help me to find a way to go to someplace i don't know how to go

You'd help me with my homework.

You'd say silly things and sing the Dibo song with me ~ 

You'd ask me to go yoga with you .

You'd always crave for Nasi Lemak & Mc Donalds &Sushi Zanmai & ask me to bring you to them

You'd ask me to accompany you to the weirdest places - pasar pagi.

You'd always scold me, but i know its for my own good (only sometimes)

You'd always ask me what to do but never listen to me.

I don't know what more i can say ~
But most of all I wanna wish you good luck
Study hard ~ Take really good care of yourself..
Okay I'm gonna cry now.

My always loving sister is leaving to UK , Scotland for her studies TODAY  
She'll be going for 2 whole years. 
Its the first time she's leaving home for such a long time .
All the best to her and . please, GOd bless her.
Don't worry.
Home is always welcoming you 
We love you 
Good luck n Have a great journey ~! 


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  2. I gonna miss her too...

    God will always bless her, because she is such a nice girl...

    Chung Kai Li, Wait for you to come back!!!!