Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ironic it is . .

Darn. life is really ironic. everytime when there's something big going on, BAD THINGS happen.

Now my schoolmates have organized a prom night at the palace of the golden horses, this friday.
double darn. its jz 1 day away .

My face is facing major wounds. XD - PIMPLES. Triple Darn.

i wore a necklace few days ago. normally i won't have problems.. but few days ago , i got rashes . Quadruple darn XD

this morning when i woke up , my eye was starting to sore.
now, my eye is swollen. MULTIPLE DARN DARN.

went to the doctor, said it was infection, gave me four kinds of medicine : drink lotsa water n no fried food . darn darn darn darn darn darn . =x

so now. i'm so happy. waiting for prom night to come, n make the worst of myself to attend .

plus, i think i'm the only one who's wearing a long gown. darn darn darn darn darn darn darn **** XD

too bad christmas decorations couldn't even cheer me up * i love christmas*

the ones in klcc.
i slept 4 am in the morning, reason: woke up a couple of friends cause i bought the super savers thingi. rm 3 for 60 minutes. i jz used 7 minutes. so.. kena use up all only worth it mar =D so.. prank calls. XD
2 victims kena ady .
so sorry =DDD
then, mom woke me up at 8++am. call me to change. 'we're going out for breakfast'
okay. wore singlet n shorts + flip flops.
first time in my life. i was wearing like i'm going to pasar pagi! XD
well. i thought it was okay. cuz nobody knew me .
so, ironicly,
i saw a fren . mutated darns ! XD
he must have thought i was gila . T.T

okay, so..i bought this pair of thingi just for prom. a little too much ?

here's more. i went to rent my gown. JUST fOR PROM.
i wanna have my pedicure done, JUST FOR PROM.
i even wanna buy a pair of new colour contact lens, JUST FOR PROM.

some wanna-be s . tsk tsk tsk . =x

YES you are right. it in on my desk with my keyboard XD

OKAY. now, stay tuned to find out what happens in prom night.
ha ha . i am so eager . (can you feel my JOY)

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