Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exam Week

Its stupid EXAM WEEK again.. =(

having our mid-term exams now..

so.. really don't get chances to on9 =)

everyone ganbateh~! add oil!!!^^

so it was a thursday..

and i was waiting in another for my mum in da morning..

she was reversing another car..

suddenly i saw the automatic gate closing..

i wondered why.. den i din bothered lor.

suddenly .. a loud sound BANG!!!!!!!

when i turn my head to see what happend....

WHOA man.. my whole gate fell..

den my mum went angry..=X

nice view though

when i came back home in da afternoon.. the gate was still on d floor >.<

so i went to tuition..

when i came home.. it was already back on track..=D

when i was sleeping at night.. till 4-5


something happend...

ARH! ARH! ARH! PLING PLANG~!(smashed glass)ARH ! ARH ! ARH!

(i wake up..go see through my window..saw a guy running away towards the unbuilt lot..full of grass)

someone screamed ... i was frightened awake by him..

its the worker next door..

he was attacked by 4 robbers..

indian robbers..

then we saw someone standing on our wall.. jumping into our area.. we were terrified ..

then we rang the alarm.. to try to scare the intruders away..

we opened the window n ask who she was(it was a gurl)

she happens to be a gurl from the neighbour jz trying to escape from danger lar..

she felt safe in our area...

so.. after we rang the alarm.. we tried to call for help.. then the guard n the owner of the house came.. (the house is not yet ready)

so the worker told the whole thing.. after that .. the worker was sent to the clinic and they lodged a report to the police lo. =(

scared me..

now i don dare to sleep alone liao T.T

SO PEOPLE~~~ please be extra careful nowadays.. people are crazy outthere..

lock up your doors properly at night..

better to have a weapon.. XD or a car key.. or any emergency button for the alarm or something.. in case anything happens..

the car key is for..if anything happens.. sound the car alarm.. it helps too =DD

LUCKILY we put up our gate early in d afternoon..

IF NOT.... it will be us.. T.T

its really scary..

so please be careful people=)

---------------the next day----------------

so its saturday =)

my mum n dad went to ipoh n visit my granparents.. =)

(i slept in my parents room, still afraid)XD

so i n him=) went to jusco to have a movie..

we had the world's second most stupid movie ever..

1 : some thai ghost movie (the picture is a gurls head upside down.)

2 : $ell out.

i din understand a thing they were doing. but thers some funny part lar =)

i bought a pair of shoes =)


now thers this promotion in watsons.. buy one get another one for RM1=)

i bought this =D

then we went to vincci and we saw watches..=D

cute bag=D

mine =D


after we came back...

my sis said she was bored..

she wanted to go to the mines..

so.. off we go~~~

this is wat i got from the mines.=)

thats all for now =)

XO XO babes~~!!!

SUPPORT ME~~!!!!!!!! thanks =))

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