Sunday, May 3, 2009



as everyone can see =)
scared ler.
a lot of people call me to open up a blog n start blogging lar. =)
but din have de time. ..
but. somehow seeing ppl blog everytime.
makes my sam yuk yuk XD
I hope i can make my blog not as BORING as some people... n attract more viewers =)
*(no offense people)


Gonna post few days things in a row. cuz i don't have the time to on9 everyday lor~!

jz HOPe frens will support ~~!!!
and please..
whoever viewed my blog=) comments

it was wednesday and we were all bored..

i brought Secret Recipe's brownies to school...
n i started to eat it with my bestie ♥ YING♥ ~~=))

then Khong CHen (our pang zai)XD suggested we bring come food to school n share~~

we planned to have a 大吃会in our class the next day ~~!!!
i .. as d organizer =Dwrote down who was supposse to bring wat~~

I planned to write in all in chinese..
but half way i realize ther's a lot of words i don't know how to write XD
so i changed it to englishXD

samans for
Jing Loon - who counted on chia min when chia min was not 'countable' XD
Edmund - who claimed that he was too busy finishing up their sivik project = no cake T.T
CHia min - who din bring anything n drank up almost half of the sparkling juice
Yit Ken - who was sick that day ..according to peicing's 口供. (she seemed very healthy that dayXD) but very quiet compared to usual days...=)
KHONG CHEN - who brought too little fried Rice (but enough to get us all full lar =D)

food we BRought

People eating =))

din get to take much pictures cuz i was using my hp=))

scared kena rampasXD

looking forward to another 大吃会XD

*keat ming says he wanna join next time =DD

YOu're Most WElcomeD

saw this nice colour of the sky n took it down =)


i added the 'X' XD


Went back to ipoh to pay my grandparents a relatives a visit=)

on d way =)

fat girl=) smallest baby in d family =)

how cute. =)

she's very attached to her mother though... don't wan other ppl to carry.. always cry =)

IF you're wondering wat this is =)

i'll tell u XD

its a bubble thingi... not made out of soap.. but something like UHU GLUe

=) i believe a lot of ppl now wat it is.. cuz a lot of my friends have played it before when they were small kids.. =)



couz sis..=) i asked her to take it for me while i was blowing another one =P

Ice cream-like candy

we always have high-tea near the stadium..=) YUM*having dinner at the same restaurant everytime XD=)

was at my aunt's house. waiting for her to bring us to dinner..

when we walked in. we saw this dog.. her Charcoal

kids were terrified ..

but the dog was even worse..

he backed out when he saw us.. Suk laXD

he kept his tail down n was shivering ..XD in fear XD

the dog was scared of us lar.XD

din even dare to eat his dinner.XD

so.. when my aunt said she wanted to bring us to dinner..

we expected a nice reataurant..=)


it was something called 旺记

the somthing was like.. 大牌档XD

cat.. insects all over. =)

everybody was so shocked.


but the food was good lar..

Guess we can't judge a book by its cover XD

(play with words like that worXD macam very pro)


  1. wow ~
    a long long post ~
    but it's not boring^^

  2. hello..
    juz start ur blog mah ?
    hehe ^^
    dun mind i linked ya ??