Saturday, May 9, 2009

Estee Lauder Model Search

Estee Lauder Model Search

you can see this advertisement about searching a new model for estee lauder in the malaysian's Women's Weekly and CLEO magazines..

so they are searching for new models..
few weeks ago. . my mum went shopping n saw this promotion Estee Lauder was making..
so she bought products of hundred over dollars.
and we got this photos free =)

n then this sales girl asked me if i'm interested in taking part in this model search thingi..
then my mum was like. go have a try la since u like these things ..
so ok lor..
today we went to midvalley.. centrecourt
and ther was a lot of people.. a huge thingi in d centre of d mall.
din get a picture of it. aikz.
so.. when it was my turn.. =)
this is me making up by a 'make-up specialist' (written on his tag)

HIs name is Eddie

(curi tengok his name tag XD)

after the was hairdo.

then i saw someone very familiar..

2 people very familiar..

they were the hairstylists..

the stylist beside me is 伟少XD he saw me first..

and then... this one.. my hair stylist..

Ya teng (if i'm not mistaken)

he recognized me too XD

while waiting (my mum besideXD)

its me posing for the photographer.. XD

at first i thought he was mute..because he din say anything.. jz doing signs to direct ppl to pose.. or call u to change another pose..

but after it was my turn..i heard him say a few words.. only then i realize he was tired..

REALLY tired..

can u imagine.. working one whole week non-stop.

no wonder he became mute XD

after the photo session.. waiting for the printing...

and this is wat came out.......

SO not me lo hor. XD

the whole process took us a few hours..

were all tired n hungry..

went straight to sushi king =))^^ ^^

This is me~~

in sushi king

this is wat we did while waiting for my turn XD

Hmm... really tired today..


and oh..

(black dots all over)those are ants dead in front of my door(if u can see them..).. SHIELDTOX


XOXO everyone =)


  1. waoW!!
    boubui become model ad orh?!
    dun forgot me woh...^^

  2. so poh chelle~
    bcum model ad ar
    wai sui ad~
    nice ar tat pic
    looks so matured

    all the best
    gonna miss you like hell