Monday, December 12, 2011

The Trip to Johor & Singapore

This is the first trip to johor and Singapore since i knew i existed. I went there once or twice when i was a toddler . 
So this is a very exciting trip for me !! :D 
Once we reach JB, we had 纸包鸡for lunch ! 
It was awesome! andalsogavemesorethroatfml

 Very nice 纸包鸡

 We stayed in Grand Paragon Hotel, Johor Bahru

 The 'pass' to go to Singapore! 
 It is sooo troublesome to get to Singapore, have to get through custom every single time !
Imagine the life of the domiciled. Pffffffffftt.. So tiring . and it jams the roads every time !!
 oh, this is me Syok sendiri-ing

 My so-called 'first' experience in Singapore was, rather great. haha . The moment i was on the road of Singapore, i kept observing how Singapore and Singaporeans would be like. Cuz I am very much influenced by the people saying that Singaporeans are very disciplined and somehow 'kiasu' .
But! They were fine with my 2-day trip there. I'm not sure whether things will be different if I would have stayed longer.
The roads in Singapore are same with Malaysia(duh of course, cuzithoughtthingswouldbedifferentthere)
Just only the road signs are all in English, which i haven't mastered the shortcuts yet.
And, they are really clean, unlike here in Malaysia. (rubbish all over the place)
And they are really strict in their rules.
I'm not helping them by praising them cuz due to the influences I've had, I don't really like Singaporeans' attitude. and I still Love Malaysia. But its really amazing how they can be so disciplined despite the fact that we are same as them too, humans.
 Oh, and this is one of their amazing buildings! :D
 Sorry for the blur pic cuz i was in the car, moving.
 Eye of Singapore? haha .

We went to Singapore to hang around, of course not forgetting to visit our relative! 
My uncle lives in Singapore now, he is a Permanent Resident there.
 His kid! He's very quiet as long as he has his biscuit and TV playing his favourite cartoon programme. 

 He doesn't care about what's happening around him! haha .How Cute !

My uncle's other kid, elder daughter, Mathea.
She is a very shy girl when she first see you ( i mean first after a few months, kids forget easily)
but after a while, she is so chatty that she keeps asking you questions and keeps talking to you nonstop!

 Cute Mathea holding my hand after getting to know me longer. XD 
She dumped her mother. For me ! haha . 
 We had dinner at this Red House Seafood Restaurant.

 She says she sees mosquitoes, 
She says she sees lizards,
She says she sees 'seafood' but she doesn't know how to read 'restaurant' ( on the restaurant board)
She says she has been to the zoo, 
She says she likes giraffes,
She says the giraffe licked her daddy's head,
She says her daddy is very strong that he can drive the car very fast, 
She sees a boy skiing very skillfully she asks why is he so good at skiing, 
She talks about Everything! 
oh, she also likes biscuits like her didi(little brother)!

Mathea playing with my Kipling.
She wants to sit next beside me ! 
 Mathea with Mummy
 And daddy too this time
 with meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 ya i know its blur, but i still want to post it. 
Its has feels. Megusta :D
 And the most important place to visit once you're in Singapore, Universal Studio!

 The rotating globe
 We had to wait until the 'Universal' word was facing us only we could snap this shot. haha . How cute.
 The very tallll Christmas Tree.
 Candylicious Candy ~! 

 Going into Universal Studio 
 It was full of people due to school holidays. We rushed straight to the 2 rides that my uncle recommended- most exciting rides.
 Singapore Universal Studio's New TRANSFORMER RIDE , The 3D Battle ! 
The first ride,  The Cyclon and Human , Battlestar Galactica.
We only got on the Cyclon, it was superb! but super SMELLY as well. :(
I had my eyes closed the whole ride. XD 

 The next one, Revenge of the Mummy : The Ride
This ride was not as crazy as the cyclon, this ride was more on effects. I liked this one !
We could feel water splashing, strong wind, and even heat ! 

 The streets in Hollywood Streets.

 They have Madagascar too ! 
I like to move it move it ! 
But the ride was for kids. haha . so boring.
 I've been to Far Far Away!
 Th castle of Far Far Away
 The Lost World
 Jurassic Park. The major rides were closed down. :( 

 Kung fu Panda!
 The final pictures before leaving Universal Studio ! 

Ciaoz Universal Studio! I had fun in you ! :D 

and.... The main reason for this trip.
We were to attend a relative's wedding in Kota Baru.
Look of the day.

Till then, so long ! 


  1. Yerrrrr......I wanna go toooo >.< !!

  2. haha , next time la. 小叔says you go there he bring you go play ler.