Sunday, September 26, 2010

the Mooncake Festival

weeee~~~18/9 - Secondary school class gathering ~

at first they planned to go to Milwaukee , then suddenly change to ying's garden :(
den next station , Station 1 :D

20 people ~~wooots ~!! full!

Its good to gather around with frens :) chit chat all night long `~ gossip . XD
21/9 - Cycling in Taman Pertanian with the brother ~ haha not my real brother lar. but my 'pet brother ' XD haha. nice morning~ tired like hell ~~` :P
dancing at night ~~~ :D
22/9 - Mooncake festival.
went to wangsa walk and watched 'Devil' with king and ryan and momoko :D
Then after that , we went for a swim in PV3 , Melati Utama

momoko eating seaweed , ryan looking at his GPS

then after that , we went to trade some chickens with vouchers in KFC :D
we stole a botttle of chilli sauce XD :P shh :X

then headed back to my house , to cook dinner ~
after that , 2 continuous Horror Movies ~ till 5 a.m. in the morning ~ then went to bed .

headed to 1 Utama the next day in d afternoon , then to Royal Phantom , Damansara to have our rehearsal for the Flashmob next day

24/9 - Flashmob for Watsons in Pavilion.

Done our flasmob !!!!!!!! :D my first time weeeee... haha .
now , the guys get to be the cooks.
momoko - 监督人

Finger Lickin' Good :D

the kacau-er

the look for flashmob
Flashmob means quite a number of ppl , walking on the street like normal people , then suddenly gather together and dance together :D
It's fun and attracting :) weeeee~~~~~ I love Dancing ~~

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