Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Holiday before my last Sem O.O

Hello Peeps! Yes , for Tarcians its still the sweet holiday ;)
But new comers are coming in starting tomorrow!! 
It's gonna be the Orientation Week tomorrow! There's gonna be a lot of seniors fooling you into clubs/society you won't like  haha ooopsss

I tried my best not to waste my holiday this time, so its quite full but you know, going out = spending money 
So, my wallet is not only empty but its also eating up my bank account. FML.

Fahrenheit with the babes <3

Bought at Nature Republic ;P
SS in Subway :3 
oh ya, forgot to show the new switch sticker i bought in JB the last trip ^^

I had a job in Genting Highlands. okay i was just dancing for a friend, but it was my first time performing in Genting! Had fun and good experience. Was very tiring tho.

The boys fooling around XD 

And i finally had time for my girls! ;) its been a long time since we hang out :) <3
Tea at Wong Kok, Leisure Mall
G6 after that ;) with Suki and her sister who refused to show her face.
Nice night ! 
Then Dark Flight at Viva Home the next day ! ^^
Here's some picture of me with pimples to scare you out. 
haha. oh well they're gone now since i went to facial! :P 
Done my mani and pedi too during the holiday! 
and, we spam our days with each other in present ;) 
The trip to Times Square. (wallet getting empty)

the sister shot! :D 
not forgetting to take a shot with my polaroid >.^

Breakfast in Levain , and walking from pavilion to klcc to pavilion and pavilion to sungei wang and back to pavilion. ARGHHHHH tiring!

Things we bought ! :S 
And , finally, my camera casing and make up palette!
One more week till college starts again, and i'm gonna face my last semester with FULL STRESS.
Hope i get to enjoy the last week and Hope i'll make through my last Semester!
CHeers everyone! <3

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