Sunday, April 10, 2011


HAHA! Bet i fooled you!
Nope, i'm not gonna write this in post in Chinese/ Mandarin. XD
haha. okay . if you haven't notice, This is my Final EXAM WEEK
and? I'm doing freelance jobs and fooling around. XD buahaha

we had flashmob in pavilion~!
for Chevrolet's 100 years Anniversary ~!
went for Ushering in Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards 2011
and.. Celebrated my Sister's Birthday in Tony Roma's Midvalley.
Went chilling with my family in Library. My first time . weeee. XD

ordered this hoochie moochie margarita i think . yucks.
with coconut rum .
Coconut rum is a NOnO!!!!!

weeee. happy family . XD
and now ! I'm gonna continue with my studies.
Having Exams tomorro~!!!!!! ARGh!!! :D Stay tuned for my Sem break's Post!!! :D

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